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Erection All Risks Insurance Disputes

Our erection all risks insurance lawyers advise on all issues arising from a disputed construction All Risks insurance policy including wording and coverage.

For a large number of construction projects there will be in place project insurance, which under one policy, covers many of the interests of a number of project participants. This goes by several names including Project Insurance, Construction All Risks Insurance, Contractors All Risks Insurance (C.A.R) or Erection All Risks Insurance (E.A.R.).

A typical insuring clause may be something along the following lines:

"The insurer will, subject to the terms contained hereon, indemnify the Insured in respect of loss or damage to the Insured Property whilst at the Insured location in connection with the Business of the Principal Insured occurring during the Period of Insurance arising from any cause whatsoever except as hereafter provided."

Despite the title, it generally does not cover ALL RISKS but those as defined and subject to a number of exclusions.

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