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Management failures that result in injury or death are liable to a prison sentence, as well as threatening your business through the cost of litigation or loss of sales due to adverse public opinion. 

As a consequence, processes that ensure the safety of your workforce and members of the public should be central to the management of your organisation.

What are your responsibilities, and are you thinking seriously enough about managing your health and safety risks?

Let Us Use Our Experience To Guide You

Fisher Scoggins Waters Health and Safety Consultants can help you establish guidelines for the development of safety policies, and evaluate specific existing policies. Working with you we can help you with:

  • Integration of safety management with your core management process

  • Health and Safety Risk Assessment

  • Development of effective Health and Safety risk and safety management plans

  • Evaluation of existing procedures

  • Evaluating implementation by your workforce

  • Acceptable standards from your sub-contractors or suppliers

If you are faced with litigation, we can assist you in preparing your case, or improving your safety standards in advance of an enquiry.

Our related health and safety services include:

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