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The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 has changed many companies perception of their own responsibilities and risk. Whilst it was possible the prosecute a company following a fatality this was not (until the Act) codified in its own statute.  Fatal accidents in the workplace occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Those caught up in them often find themselves bewildered by what follows.  

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Internal Investigation

Poor internal incident investigations can take an incident from bad to worse. A professional investigation team is highly recommended with knowledge of what to look for and who to speak with.

HSE and Police Interviews

It is important to know your rights whether you are being interviewed by the Police or a Health and Safety Executive ("HSE") Inspector.  Our Health and Safety expert will be able to take you step by step through process, advising on the powers under Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 ("the HSWA") that an Inspector has and/or powers of the Police under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act. ("PACE").  

Corporate Manslaughter Defence Solicitor

If prosecution is unavoidable, our Corporate Manslaughter Solicitors will give sound tactical advice on Basis of Plea, Defence, Mitigation and Penalties. Our Corporate Manslaughter Solicitors will provide advice and representation throughout the prosecution process.


Health and Safety Expert

Companies who find themselves convicted of Corporate Manslaughter are likely to face substantial fines.   Fines are on the increase and new guidance from the Sentencing Guidelines Council on sentencing in corporate manslaughter and health and safety cases recommends substantial higher fines for large companies with a turnover of more than £50 million.  With the first conviction for corporate manslaughter secured in February 2011, confidence in prosecuting under the new law has risen.  For information on the Corporate Manslaughter, gross negligence convictions and health and safety offences since 2011 see our Blog.    

Having helped businesses under investigation for corporate manslaughter, our specialist Health and Safety expert lawyers understand the impact such an investigation can have on a business and its people.  

Be Prepared 

Pre-planning can be critical.  Do not wait until it happens to put your retainer in place. The action taken in the immediate aftermath of fatal construction accidents, fatal industrial accidents and all other major industrial incidents can be crucial.  Think about what arrangements you have in place.  Do all key staff members know where to go for immediate advise and who to contact out of hours?  

Fisher Scoggins Waters, specialist construction and engineering lawyers offer clients an expert emergency response service to brief key staff, liaise with investigating authorities (the Police or Health and Safety Executive) and put in place a communication network and sound response strategy.

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Our related Health and Safety services include:

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