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Ground Movement Disputes - Subsidence and Heave

Fisher Scoggins Waters handle major property damage claims throughout the UK including damage caused by Ground Movement (subsidence or heave).

  • Subsidence is the downward movement of the ground surface.
  • Heave is the upward movement of the ground surface.

Ground Movement and Tree Roots

The relationship between London Clay and tree roots is commonly an unhappy one. Shrinkage could lead to subsidence and expansion could lead to heave. Foundation depths in newer structures are designed at minimum depth, but where vegetation has existed, does exist or will exist, greater depths are likely to be required.

Ground Movement Disruption

Our team understand the nature of major heave and subsidence and the disruption it can cause to any commercial or business property. Predicting and controlling ground movements is often complex. We will put the right team in place to ensure all relevant information is collected, preserved and available to assess the merit of any claims.

Contact us with your Ground Movement Dispute

If you would like more information on how Fisher Scoggins Waters could make a difference to a Ground Movement Dispute please contact us by telephone on 0207 993 6960 or email Charlotte Waters.

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