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Environmental Incident Law

We provide immediate and ongoing advice and representation where untoward incidents occur, typically unintended releases of pollutants into rivers and streams, transport, storage or disposal of hazardous waste in unregulated conditions, contamination of the drinking water supply, or instances of dust, noise and vibration exceeding licensed thresholds.

We are experienced in Environmental Incident Law including handling the demands and entitlements of enforcement authorities, typically the Environment Agency, local Environmental Health or Drinking Water Inspectorate.

We regularly appear as advocates for clients at all levels of the criminal justice system in defence and mitigation of charges arising out of environmental incidents. Some industries by nature suffer considerable numbers of untoward events every year, and among our clients are several very large publicly-quoted businesses - particularly in the waste and water sectors - for each of whom we have appeared half a dozen times a year or so throughout the past decade.

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