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Litigation Funding

Litigation funding, also known as Legal financing and Third-party funding, enables a party to litigate or arbitrate without having to pay for it, whether because they are unable to pay for it or because they do not want to. 

A third party professional funder can pay some or all of the costs/expenses associated with a dispute in return for a share of the proceeds of the dispute if it is successful. If the litigation is not successful, the funder bears the costs it has agreed to fund.

Whilst it is primarily large cases that receive funding, there is no official minimum requirement for funding as this is decided on merit by each individual funder on a case by case basis.

We Can Advise  

With our close link to specialist brokers we can provide advice on BTE (Before-the-event) Legal Expenses Cover and ATE (After-the-event) Legal Expenses Cover.  Ensuring our clients are fully aware of all options available and allowing costs and risk to be managed effectively.

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