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Property Damage Lawyers for disputes following Major Property Damage.


With all property damage claims of this nature, the level of a successful recovery can hinge on the quality of the evidence collected at the time and shortly after the incident. The sooner steps are taken to put in place evidence preservation, and the taking of formal statements and the instruction of experts, the better.

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Fire Damage
Many fires are initiated by mechanical or electrical failures. We handle complex, high value claims arising out of fires at commercial premises: plants, factories, laboratories, construction sites and shopping centres. Our team's technical specialism means they are able to assess the requirements of each case and instruct the most appropriate expert.

Structural Failure
Construction and design errors leading to structural failures can often take many years before they are discovered, sometimes only when part of the structure fails altogether, such as a roof collapse. Our team is able to provide an emergency incident response, as well as advising on liability.

Water Damage
Flooding, whether due to burst banks, flash floods or broken water pipes can be a devastating experience. No matter where the flood water came from, it is likely to be contaminated with sewage or other pollutants. We will put the right team in place at the early stages to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and occupiers can return to normal without delay.

Explosion Damage
Our firm has advised clients following numerous explosions (and implosions) from utility pipelines to chemical storage facilities.

Ground Movement
Our team understands the nature of heave and subsidence and the disruption they can cause. Predicting and controlling ground movement is often complex. We will put the right team in place to ensure all relevant information is collected, preserved and available to assess the merit of any claims.

For more information on how Fisher Scoggins Waters Property Damage Lawyers can help with a Major Property Dispute, please contact us by telephone on 0207 993 6960 or email Charlotte Waters by using the enquiry form below:

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